Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wednesday October 9, 2013

I've been really interested in vintage the past few months and finally ordered my first dress from Dronning Vintage on Etsy. Today I ordered 2 more dresses so whenever they arrive I'll be sure to wear and draw them!

I picked up some fancy pants art supplies today so I could do this right (and know that one of the illustrators I like uses the same). The watercolor paper I bought is considerably smaller than the drawing pad I used for the entry below. So, I had to redraw the darn thing :\ Good practice I suppose...

I also tried putting some beads on, even though they aren't black like the actual dress. Ya know, jazz it up. I was too impatient to post to let the glue dry or remove the paper from the block!

So, here's the first illustrated bit of my wardrobe and first [serious] attempt at fashion illustration. Her legs aren't in the right place and her arms probably aren't long enough but hey, I tried.

1950s plaid dress with beaded bodice and pleated skirt.

Paired with BCBG ankle strap heels (TJ Maxx) and Grandmother's alligator clutch

for accuracy comparison...

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